General Rules for SenderID registration

  • SenderID pre-registration is required for all Saudi Arabia operators.
  • Please use to check if a senderID is already registered or not.
    To submit request, send email to, including senderID, sample content, company name and website.
    Please separate OTP or BULK sender into 2 separate sheets.
  • Numeric sender is not allowed.
  • Generic sender is not allowed (e.g Info,InfoSMS, .. all those senders which do not reflect brand/company name).
  • National traffic is not allowed(local business/local bank/local government related), those should be routed via local providers.
  • SenderID should not exceed 11 characters.

URL inside the SMS

  • URL(hostname part) need to be whitelisted.
  • The hostname should be related to the sender.
  • Once the hostname is whitelisted, all URL using the same hostname will pass.
  • Generic shorten url such as is NOT allowed.

General Rules For ADV/BULK Traffic

  • SenderID must include postfix “-AD” (Except interactive 2-way SMS)
  • SenderID + postfix “-AD” should not exceed 11 characters.
  • all ADV message must include Opt-out method for subscribers to unsubscribe and they should not receive further promotional message within 24 hours after Opt-out.
    example: To stop receiving promotions via SMS, you may optout at
  • ADV/Promotional messages are only allowed between 8 am to 10 pm Saudi Arabia time zone (GMT +03:00).


A new bulk message regulation is announced by The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), and all Saudi operators are obliged to comply.