Managed Service for MNO (PaaS)

We run the platform; you call the shot.

All running in the cloud and fully managed by AMEEX. We do the heavy lifting for you.

No CAPEX, No OPEX, just increase in your Revenue.

Commercial Complexity

Handle the complexity of pricing per customer, hub, type of traffic, etc.

Legal Agreement with multiple partners, brands, hubs, etc.

Service Level agreement with multiple parties.

Threats Control

Sender-ID registration and whitelisting

URL registration and whitelisting

Identify Promotional/Awareness/OTP traffic and tag them accordingly

On-Hold non-OTP traffic during off-peak hours (Maximize revenue, avoid loss)

Block possible fraudulent Messages and Senders

Traffic Control

Direct connection with major brands and aggregators (Minimize hops to ensure minimum delay and best subscriber’s experience)

Connect over SS7/SMPP for redundancy and minimum latency

Block and filter Spam from reaching your network

Detailed CDR and Reporting for Actionable Insights

Customizable to meet your needs