Peer-to-Peer Messaging (P2P)

As communication networks become more valuable to all partners as more individuals connect. Hence, it’s particularly important that service providers reach a certain coverage of a territory and integrate as many people as possible in any network.

In the SMS market, the integration of the domestic communication markets of several countries in the global network is referred to as interlinking. Achieving a high level of interlinking requires the negotiation and management of bilateral agreements with numerous mobile operators around the world.

As a customer of AMEEX|mobile, there is no need for you to negotiate multiple international bilateral agreements with mobile operators. Instead, the bilateral agreements our company has in place with more than 500 operators in six continents will enable you to instantaneously widen your coverage for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) messaging.


AMEEX for Operators

Our SMS P2P service is specifically built to connect mobile operators and MVNOs to exchange 2-way SMS.

Through our network of peering hubs, AMEEX has bilateral agreements with more than 500 operators in six continents and 1.7 billion final users.

Our carrier grade platform handles the usual protocols, anti-fraud and anti-spam mechanisms. We proceed directly to reconciliation and billing.

The AMEEX reporting interface provides access to CDR and statistics.

Our policy is to extend our network through direct connections to carriers and peering hubs to offer the most efficient and direct routes possible.


AMMEX as a Peering Hub

As an exclusive SMS hub partner with operators in Middle East, AMEEX|mobile provides you the most direct and efficient route.


AMEEX Mobile Carrier Grade Infrastructure

AMEEX supports the SMPP, SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols.

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