Person to Application Messaging (P2A)

P2A allows users to communicate directly with a business, adding to SMS’ functionality as a trusted and universally-available communication channel between customers and brands. When used with A2P, P2A creates a 2-way communication channel, engaging customers in a dialogue, which unlocks new traffic-building opportunities for MNOs.

This usually occurs as the result of a “call to action,” an invitation to contact an organization to (for example) enter a competition, join a rewards program, or find out more about a product or service.

In partnership with STC (Kingdom Saudi Arabia), AMEEX is the exclusive provider for STC’s long virtual number (LVN) service.

These LVNs can be used internationally for various P2A use cases such as:

– Device activation (Android, iOS)

– Application or Service activation

– SMS Survey

– 2-way Messaging


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